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The founders of Family Portrait Productions met in college and quickly bonded over their love of storytelling and filmmaking. They each bring their own unique perspective to each production they embark on. Learn more about our team below.

Team: Team


Writer / Director / Producer

As a creative artist, Raven enjoys a healthy blend of drama, comedy, and horror. She focuses on female-centric stories that subvert negative stereotypes and seeks to send an important message with each film she makes. Raven wrote and directed "You Too" (2020) and "Two Steps Back" (2021).

Raven's next directing project will be her short film, "Like and Subscribe." 



Writer / Director / Producer

As a filmmaker, Kellar strives to tell stories from unique perspectives while presenting themes that challenge who we are as people. One of his favorite roles during the filmmaking process is working on characters with the cast. Kellar enjoys the creative collaboration that takes place and how it leads to new discoveries about characters not written on the page. Kellar's work includes “Dandelion Petals” (2019) and “Our Family” (2021). 

Currently in the production phase of his next project, "Watch Me," Kellar looks forward to collaborating to bring another thrilling story to life.



Editor / Visual Effects

Nate's passion for finding creative ways to tell stories and deliver emotional impact on screen can all be attributed to his love for post-production; from film editing to visual effects, he loves it all.

Nate's portfolio inlcudes "Dandelion Petals," "Our Family," and "Two Steps Back."

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